About Us


Global Commissioning Services is a full-service Mechanical and Electrical Commissioning Firm specializing in commercial, educational, health care, residential and recreational construction projects.  After years of performing commissioning with various firms, the principals formed the company as a response to the increasing need for commissioning by professionals that can offer knowledgable, independent advice to building owners regarding the systems being designed and installed in their buildings.

Global’s highly experienced professionals are familiar with the diligence and attention to detail that are required to provide effective commissioning services to their Clients.  They realize that the commissioning process requires thoughtful insight from professionals with theoretical and practical experience which in turn allows the project to reach its full potential.

The firm specializes in commissioning of projects pursuing LEED™ Certification.  With LEED™ Accredited Professionals on staff, GCS is able to ensure that the requirements for LEED™ are met, whether it is Fundamental or Best Practice Commissioning.

      President: Sohrab Karimi

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